What is a Mentor?

This is a very good and often asked question. If you look in a dictionary, it will give something like ‘experienced and trusted advisor,’ and this is as good as any place to start.

In the world of business, the word mentor is often attached to someone who is claiming to be able to increase profits or drive marketing, by selling you the benefit of their expertise. It is interesting to me, therefore, that using the word on its own to describe what you do confuses.

When you think about it, all a mentor actually is saying is that they can be your experienced and trusted advisor in their chosen area. It is then down to the individual to work out if this is the person in the right area that they need.

This has been a problem to me my whole time as a mentor. I contact business to offer my services to HR departments as a proactive approach to staff wellbeing, but so often find myself trying to explain that I am not a marketing or sales expert and whilst I can defiantly help them drive sales and brand awareness through happy and well looked after loyal staff, the reading of profit loss accounts is not my thing.

So next time you see the word mentor have a look and see what’s on offer because it may just be different to what you think!


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