Implement a workplace wellbeing strategy

Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Lighthouse Mentoring works with businesses and organisations to create an environment that promotes and supports employee wellbeing and positive mental health in workplace.

Our role is to help your employees flourish. To achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and your organisation.

We can be an integral part of your workplace wellbeing strategy. Implementing early intervention and a proactive approach to support employees with poor mental health. And, so avoiding  long term sickness and poor performance in the workplace. More and more businesses are now aware of the need to provide open conversations around anxiety, stress and mental health issues. This means managers need training to recognise and support these conditions.

Lighthouse Mentoring can help. We provide:

  • Mental Health Mentoring in the workplace

Our mentoring services provide independent, preventative and reactive support for employees experiencing anxiety, stress and poor mental health.  Craig Fearn is an independent trained professional who helps employees talk through their issues, set goals and teaches tools required to undertake and manage everyday activities that previously felt unmanageable.

  • Training in how to recognise and support mental health issues in the workplace

An experienced trainer, Craig Fearn, runs in-house workshops on how to recognise and support poor mental health within the work place. With emphasis  placed on managers to recognise; start conversations; and support employees with poor mental health, anxiety and depression. Our training can be tailored to ensure your managers and line managers are equipped with the understanding and skills required.

Lighthouse Mentoring – an integral part of your workplace wellbeing strategy

  • At any one time 1 in 6 working age adults will have symptoms associated with mental ill health.
  • Mental Ill health issues are responsible for 91 million working days lost in the UK. Costing the Workplace £30 billion a year.
  •  The cost of presenteeism (turning up to work when unwell) is around 15.1 billion.

Source: MHFA 2016


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