Educational Mentoring

Educational mentoring can help build the skills you need to undertake a new educational challenge. You may consider engaging the services of a mentor for yourself or a young person if you:

  • Are considering a return to training or education.
  • Require support with a course you are taking.
  • Struggle to make deadlines or suffer with excessive exam stress.
  • Are overwhelmed with anxiety or depression.
  • Feel as if normal daily activities feel like a mountain that is just too difficult to climb.
  • Are about to finish a course and are struggling with what to do next?

Lighthouse Mentoring can help you in areas such as study planning, time management, revision techniques and exam coping strategies, either for yourself or to allow you to better support a loved one.

Helping you manage the unmanageable

University can be a challenging time, even when you’re feeling your best, and when you have poor mental health, it can seem impossible. Mental health mentoring is specifically designed to teach you the tools you need in order to undertake everyday activities that previously felt unmanageable. Mentoring will help you to set achievable goals, learn coping techniques and break previous negative patterns of behaviour, so that you can make the most of your time at University. The skills I teach you will ready you for the next step after education, be that employment or higher-level education.

A specialist educational mentor

Lighthouse Mentoring offers  a specialist educational mentor, who is registered to provide this service for Student Finance England.  Also a mentor who has experience as a college lecturer and academic tutor for higher education. This experience gives a unique insight into the best ways to support students through their chosen academic path.

For more information email Craig Fearn.

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