Mental Health Mentoring

Mental health mentoring is specifically designed to teach you the tools you need to undertake everyday activities that previously felt unmanageable. You could benefit from Mental Health Mentoring, if you:

  • Struggle with anxiety or depression.
  • Feel that normal daily activities feel like a mountain just too difficult to climb.
  • Have struggled with addiction.
  • Wish to support a loved one struggling with any of these issues and want to be better prepared to support them.

How can mentoring help?

Mentoring helps you set achievable goals. You will learn coping techniques and learn how to break previous patterns of behaviour that have impacted negatively on your life.

Unlike counselling, mentoring is not focused on your past mistakes. However, certain aspects of prior situations may need to be dealt with in order to work out your current goals. Mentoring focuses on your strengths and positive ways of moving forward.

This service is available for all individuals, or for family and friends who want to better support a loved one going through mental health issues, anxiety or depression.

If you are studying, or seeking a service for a young person in education our services are approved by DSA-QAG to provide this service through Student Finance England.

Please email Craig Fearn for further information.


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