Workplace wellbeing

Dear Employer

I have decided to write this as a bit of an open letter, as I feel workplace wellbeing is important and warrants everyone taking it seriously.

I would like to open with a question. How much do you value your staff?

I’m sure that the answer to this will be very highly. But do you actually know when they are having problems, or do you wait until things have got so bad that work performance or attendance are affected? Do you wait for the sick note before thinking about the person concerned? Can you tell if someone is suffering or unwell? Would they want to talk to the company directly if they were? Would you if you were them? Do you have a workplace wellbeing strategy in place? If not, I can help on a number of levels.

The cost to employers of poor mental health in the workplace

  • At any one time, 1 in 6 working-age adults will have symptoms associated with mental ill health
  • The total cost of mental ill health in England in 2009/10 was £105.2billion
  • Mental health issues are responsible for 91 million working days lost in the UK. This costs the Workplace £30 billion a year, while the cost of presenteeism (turning up to work when unwell) is around 15.1 billion.
(MHFA 2016)
As an employer these numbers may not be new to you, but have you ever thought of how you could reduce them for your company? I greatly admire the systems and procedures many have now put in place to deal with the situation when staff are diagnosed and are off. But how many have a policy on how to deal with those pre-diagnosis? Or even measures to help the workforce address the issues causing them problems, before they reach the stage of becoming one of these statistics?

Developing a workplace wellbeing strategy

As a mentor my job is as much early intervention as anything else, to become the preventative rather than wait until the situation reaches crisis point. I see employers who really care about their staff and want them to succeed. But, they have never thought to be proactive in their approach, or develop a workplace wellbeing strategy. Rather they believe the only way to do this is the traditional method, of waiting till illness then reacting.  Workplace Mentoring can be a proactive strategy.

If you would like to find out more please email me, Craig Fearn

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