What is mentoring?

A mentor will help you set achievable goals, change unwanted patterns of behaviour, focus on your strengths and break down barriers to success.

What is mentoring? Unlike counselling, mentoring is not focused on your past mistakes. Although, certain aspects of prior situations may need to be dealt with in order to work out your current goals. Mentoring focuses on your strengths and positive ways of moving forward.

As your mentor, I am here to guide and support you through the process. The mentor-mentee relationship is a partnership – you will have input as to what you wish to achieve and the best way for you to go about it. Mentoring is about building self confidence and giving you the tools you need to achieve things for yourself.

Tailor made for you

My one-to-one mentor service allows for a completely individualised and person-centred approach. This ensures that your needs are met in the most appropriate and beneficial way. My service is also discreet and confidential providing you with complete peace of mind.

Working with you

I offer Face-to-Face meetings  in Cornwall. Outside of Cornwall, mentoring can take place via Skype or over the telephone.

First, we undertake an initial assessment and set the goals you wish to reach and we agree the best course of action to take. From there, Lighthouse Mentoring offers a range of customised packages to best suit you. Each session is tailored to you, to work on issues you face and put steps in place to enable you to achieve your goals.

In comparison to talking therapies, which may just discuss issues. Mentoring allows you to go through the process in the real world, whilst knowing you have the full support of a professional by your side.

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